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This is the section that will act as the introduction to your new potential customer. You can tell them a little bit about yourself, how long you have been in business, and why they should choose you. This could also serve as a mission statement of sorts. The photo and video are optional but will help to introduce yourself and bring this section to a more personal level.


Mowing {example}

You can use icons or provide an image that represents the service.

Plowing {example}

We can even make the movement change a little, though, unlike our example, we suggest they are all the same.

We'll Cut it Like You Want It

Let us know your preference, and we add your personal touches to your site.

More Services

We describe your service in this section here and how great you are at this service!

Different Transitions

You can have 3-6 services listed. We suggest no more than 6 services listed.

It's Your Cup of Tea

You don’t have to list all of your services, just the services that will most likely bring you new clients.

The Big Mike’s Difference

This is where the harder sell may come in. Why should this potential customer choose you over the competition? Is it your attention to detail? Is it your superior service? You could also have some customer testimonials in here so your potential customer can see why other people have chosen to use your service.

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